Sunday, May 27, 2012

I wear my sunglasses @ night

I've been wearing glasses since I was in grade 6, and since gr 8, I've been wishing I could wear sunglasses.
I've tried various clip-ons, but I didn't like them.
Then 2 weeks ago, my parents suggested that I get "custom" (OR! prescription) sunglasses, since I've been bothering them about giving me contacts, so I can wear proper sunglasses.
When I hear this I got super excited. I had to wait another week, so my sister could help me pick a set of frames, and then one more week before I could get them.
By the time I got this today, it was nearing evening and there was a lack of sun. BUT it didn't stop me!
I've been wearing them basically all day, when I can lol.

Here's hoping for good sunny weather tmr!

my new shades baby!


  1. o-m-g I have the exact same pair of sunglasses xD just a different colour, greyish. Nice pick (:

  2. dude! we can be twins!!!! lol