Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Pros of being a Daughter

I never realized how lucky I am to be born a girl and not a boy till ... just about now.
Being a good daughter, you're never suppose to mouth off to your parents. I did it once when I was younger... and I got into a lot of trouble.

Today, I was preparing an activity that I was going to use for my summer camp kids. All night, my mom, as been "giving" her "suggestions" on how this activity should be done.... properly. I keep telling her I know... and explaining to her the reasons for doing why I was doing what I was doing. For example, I was telling my mom that I'm going to set up various stations... my mom "suggested" that I scrap the idea of stations, and just do everything all at once. I then proceed to tell my mom that I needed to prolong the activity, so it'll take up the rest of the afternoon. My mom shrugs and continues to question my other procedures.

"Why are you doing that?", "Why don't you do this?", "I don't understand this...", "Have you emailed XXX yet?"
On and on for over 2 hours... in response I would say things like... "please! just have a little faith in me!", "i know what i'm doing."

With my craft supplies covered hands, my mom makes one more request of me, "you know you should send that email to XXX now"... and on the inside.. i'm pissed as hell. Then my dad decides its the right time to ask me, "What on earth are you doing right now?" That, being the straw that breaks my back, caused me lash out with, "JUST LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE! GOD!" and i storm down into our basement to clean up the messy tools i've just used. My mom, who thinks that she's got the best people skills chip in with a, "oh, your dad is just curious, why are you so sensitive."

And being the me, who's lost my cool, I yell back, "you've been on my ass all night. PLEASE HAVE A LITTLE FAITH IN ME!"

If I was a boy or if i was any younger, I'm sure I would have gotten an ass whopping. But seeing i'm on adult now... and i think my dad thinks i might be pms-ing... i got away with it.

I count that as a win any day

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